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Your property is your most valuable asset! Cement rendering is a simple and extremely cost-effective way of transforming your property AND increasing its value!

Cement rendering has been our family business for over 40 years, which is why we have an outstanding reputation as ‘Cement Rendering Specialists’. We remain a family owned and run business, based in Sydney, NSW - covering Sydney and all metro areas.

Our commitment is to consistently exceed expectation - through the delivery of high-quality, customer-oriented services and solutions, ON TIME and ON BUDGET – and our transparent pricing proves we offer the best value!

We provide customer satisfaction and an efficient first class service, as we take pride in our attention to detail and in being meticulous – which ensures exceptional quality. We also maintain a responsible approach to health & safety and to the environment.

We believe we have created a winning formula for the delivery of sustainable solutions and best value for our clients, by combining the specific skills of our highly experienced team - who are all qualified professional tradesmen and who together, bring a vast wealth of experience to all our projects – with working together with our clients, to ensure we fully understand and meet their needs and expectations; this enables us to provide a successful solution to any problem and to complete all our projects to the very highest standard.

Our projects range from large to small, residential and commercial. We certainly don’t just concentrate on major contracts either, as we have an equally impressive track record on smaller projects – our past projects bearing testimony to the depth of the wide range of skills we have to offer.

Our experience, expertise, resources and proven track record are complemented by an extensive and valuable network of professional relationships; ensuring we successfully meet the requirements of our diverse client-base.

A good measure of our success is the high degree of work undertaken for repeat clients. We place great emphasis on the development of long-term client relationships and continually focus on improvement, to ensure these highly-valued relationships remain firmly in place and continue to flourish.

Most importantly, the key to our success lies in the talent, commitment and professionalism of the MIX MUD TEAM; as a company that seeks to be innovative and to set high standards of excellence, recruiting and retaining the right people is paramount. The fact that our employees remain with us for longer than average in our industry, is testament to our approach and principles.

Contractor Licence: 108317C

‘We’re proud of our reputation
– it’s one of the best things we’ve worked on!’

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